About BirdZ

From being raised in a small town of the Northern Territory, to residing in Toronto, Canada for two years embracing the North American experience and learning from Canada’s wider Aboriginal community, Birdz returns uninhibited showcasing a vulnerability that grants his listeners an all access pass to the elevation of a proud Aboriginal Australian. Leaving no stone unturned in the vivid depiction of a unique Aboriginal Australian experience, he displays a poignant yet, empowering mode of storytelling, opening the door to the future of Hip Hop in Australia.

Being the most recent signee to Queensland’s leading independent Aboriginal owned and run label, Impossible Odds Records; Birdz embodies a truth that Australians have been consistently and incessantly denied. Citing Butchulla, Nguburinji, English and Scottish ancestry, the compelling emcee delivers a raw and uncut report on Australia’s suppressed histories, whilst pulling back the curtains on a nations dark past and illuminating its contemporary influence.

Renowned for an animated hype live performance, Birdz combines an unmatched ability to articulate lived experience with political observations, effortlessly weaving in and out of melodic flows and sonically producing a Hip Hop sound unlike any other Australia has ever heard. Having earned the honor to grace the stage with the likes of TZU, The Herd, Sietta and label mates Impossible Odds, the infamous emcee of Murri heritage is widely respected by his peers of the Hip Hop community and Australian music scene. Upon first listen, it is made clear that he is an artist bound to exceed industry limits.

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