tigerfBarefoot and lucid. Cups of tea before dawn. A pair of identical red takamine guitars are resting on a pile of tulle and silk and and white cotton in the background, while Lydia Fairhall (vox/guitar) reaches for the mic and tells the story of her heart and her people, tearing through a set of some of her most accomplished and refined songs. 

This is the inner world of TigerLilly Lion, a five piece contemporary folk/pop/story telling band emerging from one of the countries best kept hubs of bush dwelling, half cracked creatives. Formed in 2013 in the idyllic hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, recording contract in tow with Queensland’s only Indigenous managed and owned labels, Impossible Odds Records, TigerLilly Lion are the band to watch over the next eighteen months.

With a solid fifteen year career in various ensembles behind her, Lydia has played to audiences from the red sands of the central desert to some of New York’s most seedy and crowded bars and everything in between. ‘Pulling a band together to record an EP and album with the support of Impossible Odds Records was a no brainer’, Lydia says. After spending the better part of the last few years submerged in the world of producing dance and theatre, the chance to refresh her career as a formidable singer/songwriter couldn’t have come at a better time.

Joining her is veteran keys player and vocalist in her own right, Kali Blunt, a tiny force of intelligence and exceptional musicality taken out on a hammond organ and explored through her poignant harmonies. Jeremy Hindmarsh on guitar brings an earthy quality to the band that make you feel like dropping whatever is in your hands, jumping in the car and driving til you find a waterhole to live at for the rest of your life. And Leon Rodgers, another proud Gamipingul Worimi person, alongside Lydia, brings his experimental and sometimes weird bass lines into a world of camp fire songs and black lullabies. It works.

The first EP, titled Lady River, will be completed in August. TigerLilly Lion are gentle, earth loving sounds with edge and a smarm of grit. Watch this space.