Packing a dynamite live show, these boys demand your attention. By way of hypnotic grooves and fiercely delivered rhymes, EMR as they are known collectively, are building a reputation as one of the most electrifying Hip Hop acts to come out of Brisbane.

Painting lyrical portraits of their immediate surroundings, MD, Danny Esco and Paul Lee pull no punches when skilfully rhyming over Masa’s soul laced instrumentals. All coming from different cultural backgrounds from Brisbane’s Southside, mutual friends and a mutual love of music and Hip Hop brought the crew together. Through seamless flows and cleverly constructed lyrics, EMR strive to challenge your perceptions and shatter your stereotypes. Hard hitting and unapologetic, EMR have been crafting underground hits for their hardcore fans for years. Along the way, they earned a #1 slot on the Triple J Unearthed Hip Hop charts with their ode to their hard working people titled “Mad Work”.

Playing shows all over Brisbane, EMR employ a creative quality reminiscent of Hip Hop’s golden age. Spreading their word of one love and unity, slick vocals and infectious beats guarantee a night full of head nodding and hand waving goodness. Ask anyone that has seen them live and they’ll tell you, “EMR brought the house down!”

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EMR’s album is being mastered right now and promises to be a spectacular debut album!