Gamarang promo pic

Gamarang, aka Mr. Birds is a proud Aboriginal Australian with blood ties to the Nguburinji people of the Gulf, the Badtjala people of Fraser Island, the Solomon Islands, and both English and Scottish heritage. Gamarang has dedicated his life to the search for the truth related to Australia’ s history and his Aboriginal ancestry. Coming of age in a small town in the Northern Territory of Australia, Gamarang was introduced to his first love in Hip Hop by connecting with his brothers from Zimbabwe and Haiti, who are now known today as Mista Monk and Voodoo Dred of the dynamic Hip-Hop outfit Culture Connect. Gamarang saw Hip Hop as a powerful influential tool for positive expression and a medium that could provide an uncensored freedom and strength to the Indigenous voice that faced, and continues to face, intense scrutiny and suffocation from successive Australian governments and mainstream society. Today, calling Brisbane, Australia home, Gamarang continues on his journey and utilizes his position as an emcee in Culture Connect to inform listeners on the truths he has been exposed to as a strong Aboriginal man of Australia and devotes his music and art to his people.

Gamarang’s debut EP is being mixed and mastered no for release in late 2012 so stay tuned!